Service Models

We provide you with a team of resources selected as per the needs out of our stack along with the tech and office infrastructure. Services under this engagement model also include the HR and admin services.

Execution Services Model

We manage all the functions of the chosen outsourcing operation in the managed services model. Within the limitations of the parameters you set, the decisions in this model are on the shoulders of our able experts.

Managed Services Model

We apply our customer-centric innovation in this model to deliver product design and functional specifications. We also provide a product roadmap and timeline to establish a strategic partnership built on transparency.

Expert Services Model

Why Outsource?

Why Rosemallow?

Outsourced Services for better business performance with flexible scalability and reduced costs.

Effective Planning

Our experts plan your business’ whole outsourcing lifecycle with the help of your team, keeping your objectives in mind, that covers every aspect of the outsourced business function to ensure transparency.

Industry Experience

We have a team of experts with extensive industry knowledge that allows us to innovate and find context-specific solutions that drive your business towards customer growth and outstanding business performance.

Strategic Partnership

We don’t see outsourcing as an easy way to offload commodity work. We believe in the concept of strategic partnerships and hence keep you updated throughout the lifecycle about the delivery and results.